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OCSEAN Summer Course Video

The OCSEAN consortium is dedicated to producing informative videos that document the project's progress, elucidate the ideas, and showcase the outcomes. We are pleased to introduce the first video, which captures the linguistic practice sessions of trainees from Indonesia and the Philippines during the 2022 Summer School in Sweden. This video provides insight into how participants collect and utilize word lists to investigate the human past, particularly in the context of Austronesian languages in Island Southeast Asia and beyond. Through this video, we gain an understanding of the current knowledge and hypotheses about the population movements of Austronesian speakers and how the OCSEAN project aims to offer new perspectives on open questions while also contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage. We express our gratitude to all OCSEAN participants and the exceptional crew from our partner Pomona Pictures for producing this film. The video was directed by Pierangelo Pirak and filmed by Morgan Maugeri and Davide Pompejano. See the video from this link:


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